Monday, 6 April 2020

More Biblical Buildings (and People)

The latest additions to my Biblical settlement.
All are scratchbuilt from 2mm mdf and/or greyboard, with interlocking bases from Sarissa.
Firstly an apiary based on one excavated at Tel Rehov, Israel:

Beekeepers are Magister Militum Celtic civilians.
The space at the end can accommodate the anachronistic Sumer Bar and Grill; beer drinkers from Eureka, barbie from Museum.

Not everyone likes beer (I know!) so here’s a winery, loosely based on one at Ashkelon: 

Grape treaders from Magister Militum, jar carrier from Forged in Battle. Jars and baskets from Baueda.

A row of shops, with workshops behind and accommodation above, again loosely based on archaeology at Ashkelon:

Moneychanger converted from Eureka Sumerian, corn merchant from Essex.

Ari, potter is converted from two Eureka Sumerians, I think the smith started out as a Magister Militum Celt and the spinner is converted from a Xyston civilian. Large dye jars from Crom’s Anvil.

Pots from Baueda and Essex. Note the Biblical bog at top left. The one it is based on was in a gatehouse at Lachish.
Finally, the other side of the street:

Weaver yet another conversion from a Eureka Sumerian, leather worker and basketmaker converted from Blue Moon Celts, greengrocer a Forged in Battle Roman civilian.

Baskets in rightmost shop from Baueda, everything else scratchbuilt.

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