Wednesday, 29 April 2020

"Go throughout the tribes of Israel…and enrol the fighting men…”

I was bored yesterday, so I lined up my little Hebrews and photographed them.

The army was started sometime after I saw the film "King David" (1985), and initiated my move to historical gaming from fantasy. The army has grown, bits have been repainted, rebased and/or replaced. The majority of the figures are Chariot Miniatures, either in their original incarnation or the born-again Magister Militum version, but there are bits and pieces from many other manufacturers. The slingers, for example, are a mixture of Minifigs and Xyston.


The King's chariot, left of centre, with horses for some reason in West Ham colours, is gold leafed.


Cherethites and Pelethites, David's mercenary bodyguard:



 The chap with the bright shield is Uriah the Hittite, before David nicked his wife.



More bows:



The waggons are filled with Eilat stone, copper ore  from the alleged site of King Solomon's mines.


Tents from Baueda. All of my armies/collection include birds, preferably gallus species, hence the cockfight.

Finally ambush markers:

The unfortunate chap hit by the wrath of God is a wizard's victim from Peter Pig.

To add authenticity the dirt and stones on the bases is from Megiddo. (OK, it adds nothing but, in my head at least it's cool!)

Oh... and the Biblical quote in the title is from 2 Samuel 24:2.

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